We offer our clients a team that specializes in translation and interpreting services providing real business solutions that impact our clients' value proposition for Quality Excellence, Integrity, and Effectiveness.
Having been in the language service business since 1972, Global Translations® knows what it takes to continue renewing itself to meet your needs and to respond to ongoing opportunities for providing accurate, timely and effective services.
Quality Excellence

As a fundamental pillar to our success, we perceive “Quality Excellence” to mean professional flexibility and meticulousness on our part in all phases of our service cycle – from understanding your distinct language service needs, to finding you the accurate and timely solution required, to delivering that accuracy through our specialized and client-specific end-to-end service. Integrity

We believe that integrity can only be achieved through action and means that are based on the principle of a “win-win” result. As such, when it comes to our clients, we strive to do it right the first time, through up-front analysis and follow-up before, during and after our service cycle, aligned with your business goal and objectives. Additionally, our infrastructure is specially designed to ensure the utmost confidentiality and total value for all stakeholders. Examples of this is through:

• Our Privacy Commitment
• Our Technology and Process Specialization
• Our treatment of our service cycle as a major purchasing decision
• Our commitment to work with expediency while maintaining integrity throughout

We believe that time is precious for everyone, which is why a critical core skill inherent in our team members – amongst an identified criteria of Core Competencies - is Effectiveness: finding and acting on ways to effectively accomplish the most with the available time and qualified resources. Guided by our organizational and individual core competencies, skilled team members, and our fundamental operating values, we deliver total quality with effectiveness for you, the client.
We would be pleased to provide you with a quotation of our services, prepare a proposal or presentation for your review. Contact us at (416) 593-1444 or info@globaltranslations.com